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Americans with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Provided by Karen Waters, Disability Support Services Specialist

Sponsored by, the Student Development Center

September 2004



Question: What does the expression, “qualified individuals with disabilities” mean?



Answer:  The Supreme Court has ruled on the question of who is a qualified person with a disability.  The Court concluded that an otherwise qualified person with a disability, is one who is able to meet all the program’s requirements in spite of his or her disability.  In addition, Section 504 does not require educational institutions to make substantial modifications in their programs to allow disabled persons to participate.


                  Simply stated, the student must meet eligibility standards, identical to a non-disabled student.  Accommodations merely level the playing field, providing the disabled student an equal opportunity to perform as well as their peers.  The accommodation is granted based upon a documented disability, recognized as such under the ADA, and the accommodation must have a direct link to the documented disability.  Accommodations do not alter the course content.



I hope you have enjoyed the ADA Fact Sheet.  If you have specific questions you would like answered or need more information on a disability, please let me know.  I would appreciate your input.  And, thanks for your help in the educational plan for our ADA students taking courses at Western Wyoming Community College.



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