Wyoming ABE Quick Guide




Revised 3/2003





Table of Contents

•  Prospective Student Intake, Pre-testing and Orientation Procedures

•  Tracking Student Assessment and Outcomes

•  Core Outcome Measures
    ·  Core Outcome Measure #1: Educational Gain
    ·  Core Outcome Measure #2: Entered Employment
    ·  Core Outcome Measure #3: Retained Employment
    ·  Core Outcome Measure #4: Receipt of Secondary School Diploma or GED
    ·  Core Outcome Measure #5: Placement in Postsecondary Education or Training

•  Follow-up Survey





Prospective Student Intake, Pre-testing and Orientation Procedures

  • Prospective student fills out Application for Services, including primary and secondary goals.
  • Prospective student signs release of information sheet attached to application.
  • Prospective student attends program orientation. Orientation includes:
    • Showing orientation video
    • Delineating expectations of student and rules of program
    • Record reasons student is seeking the program
  • Prospective student is pre-tested, using TABE 7-8, TABE PC or BEST tests.
    • TABE locator MUST be used
    • TABE test MUST be timed
    • Complete test must be given upon enrollment, subsequent testing may be done in just the area of instruction, if desired.
    • Acceptable TABE test accommodations:
      • Individual student test administration
      • Small group test administration
      • Special lighting, furniture, acoustics
      • Can be administered any time of day
      • Following accommodations OK with documented disability:
        • Typewriter
        • Calculator
        • Scribe
        • Auditory device
        • Place keeping markers
        • Background noise screen
    • BEST short or regular oral test version may be used
      • Must be administered individually
    • BEST literacy skills section can be administered individually or in groups - literacy test given to those scoring 5 or more points in the reading/writing section of the oral interview.
  • Prospective student is counseled about proposed educational plan.
  • Prospective student program hours tracked for intake, pre-testing and orientation. If at least 12 hours is accumulated during these steps, student is counted for federal reporting purposes on AEM



Tracking Student Assessment and Outcomes

  • See the following flowcharts:
    • Enrollment and AEM Tracking Process
    • Tracking Educational/Skill Outcome Measures
    • Tracking Employment and Retained Employment Outcome Measures
    • Tracking Pubic Assistance/Other Status
  • Run AEM federal table reports:
    • send to state ABE office quarterly at
           Department of Workforce Services,
           122 West 25th St.,  
           Herschler Bldg., 2-East,
           Cheyenne, WY 82002
    • E-mail reports to: Karen Ross Milmont (kmilmo@state.wy.us)
           October 31 - 1st quarter due
           January 31 - 2nd quarter due
           April 30 - 3rd quarter due
           August 15 - annual report due.  Annual report includes all
           federal NRS tables, the narrative report and the annual fiscal report.
    • Sample forms:
           Table 1
           Table 2
           Table 3
           Table 4
           Table 4-a
           Table 4-b
           Table 5
           Table 6
           Table 7
           Table 8
           Table 9
           Table 10
           Table 11
           Table 12
           Table 13



Core Outcome Measures

Local Wyoming programs will collect and report all enrolled student demographics, attendance and outcome data information on AEM. This system can compile local data and can send compiled data to the ABE state office at the Department of Workforce Services for statewide report compilation and data analysis.



Core Outcome Measure #1: Educational Gain

Definition: A measure of student literacy gains resulting from instruction.

See Outcomes Measures Definitions flowcharts.

This measure must be reported for all students enrolled in program and having received at least 12 or more hours of services.

Educational gain is tracked for assessed lowest level subject that student is given instruction in.



Core Outcome Measure #2: Entered Employment

Definition: Student obtains a job before the end of the 1st quarter after the program exit quarter.

This measure is reported for all students with a goal of obtaining employment and who are not employed at the time of entry into the program.

See Tracking Employment/Retained Employment Outcome Measures flowchart.

See definition of "employment" on Definitions page.



Core Outcome Measure #3: Retained Employment

Definition: Students with a goal of obtaining employment and who were not employed at the time of entry into the program and who entered employment by the 1st quarter after exit quarter AND students who are employed at entry and have a goal of improved or retained employment who remains employed in the third quarter after their exit [from ABE enrollment] quarter.

See Tracking Employment/Retained Employment Outcome Measures flowchart.

See definition of "employment" on Definitions page.



Core Outcome Measure #4: Receipt of Secondary School Diploma or GED

Definition: Student obtains certification of attaining passing scores on the General Education Development (GED) tests, or who obtains a diploma, or state recognized equivalent, documenting satisfactory completion of secondary studies (high school or adult high school diploma).

See Tracking Educational/Skill Outcome Measures flowchart.



Core Outcome Measure #5: Placement in Postsecondary Education or Training

Definition: Student enrolls in a postsecondary educational or occupational skills training program that does not duplicate other services or training received, regardless of whether the prior services or training were completed.

This outcome measure is obtained by data-matching with your community college registrar or by follow-up survey.



Follow-up Survey

Conduct the follow-up survey on all students. Try to have the student fill out the follow-up survey before leaving the ABE program, if you know the student will be leaving. If a student leaves without filling out the follow-up survey, call the student as soon as possible for survey completion.

If the student had obtain or retain employment goals, then the employment question portion of the follow-up survey must be conducted within the set time frames as described on the following pages.

The survey may be conducted in person, by phone or via the mail. Best results may be a combination. Assessment and Accountability team members conducting the pilot survey determined that the following produced the best results:

    • Employ a dedicated, program knowledgeable person to conduct surveys.
    • Ask for alternate phone numbers in application ask for 3 to 5 numbers.
    • Call 2 or 3 times, then send a postcard.
    • Follow up postcard with another call.
    • Flag students needing follow up each month for quarterly timelines.