The following are short practice math worksheets.  These worksheets give instructors and students a quick review of certain key concepts and calculator drills before taking the GED or COMPASS test.  Two types of graph paper are also available for practice and print.



Coordinate System 8x8

Homework Graph Paper


Lesson 1 Fractions

Lesson 1 Answers

Lesson 2 Integers

Lesson 2 Answers

Lesson 3 Solving for One Unknown

Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4 The Language of Algebra

Lesson 4 Answers

Lesson 5 Unknown with Fraction Variables

Lesson 5 Answers



Lesson 7 Exponential Expression

Lesson 7 Answers



Lesson 15 Ratio/Mean/Probability

Lesson 15 Answers

Lesson 16 Measurements

Lesson 16 Answers

Lesson 17 Perimeter/ Cir/Area

Lesson 17 Answers



Lesson 19 Signed Numbers

Lesson 19 Answers

Lesson 20 Equations

Lesson 20 Answers

Lesson 21 Inequalities

Lesson 21 Answers

Lesson 22 Exponents and Roots

Lesson 22 Answers

Lesson 23 Volume

Lesson 23 Answers


The following conversion sheet is to help students learn conversions, abbreviations, and values of common notations seen in math and science.  The chart is useful when completing homework, but can not be used on the GED exam.



Conversion Sheet