Starting in 2001 the state of Wyoming looked at the transition rate of GED graduates entering college. It was noted that successful GED math students, who were entering college were doing poorly on the colleges' math entrance exam, COMPASS, thus placing these students into Arithmetic Skills classes. This class covers decimals, fractions, percents, graphs, measurement, real numbers and introduction to geometry and algebra. Skills that students mastered during GED instruction. This trend was frustrating to students as well has GED instructors. Three pilot sites: Casper Community College, Northern Wyoming Community College District and Western Wyoming Community College, with the guidance from the State Director Karen Ross-Milmont investigated ways to improve GED graduate COMPASS scores. Areas investigated included: calculator drills, computerized testing, stress management, test taking skills and dealing with math anxiety.

          Casper Community College

          Northern Wyoming Community College District

          Western Wyoming Community College

The WY Math Project is part of the NW LINCS Project, a service of NIFL and National LINCS.