Personal attention was given to each student. One way this was addressed was to give students the chance to ask questions during the first class. Listed below are the written questions, in their own words, by the students. The class was already structured to answer most of the questions that came up, however, questions not answered were worked into the lesson plan.


Fall 2002 class

  1. What's the difference between a degree and a certificate?
  2. If I don't have money to pay for schooling while I'm in school will I get kicked out or will they work with me?
  3. How many credits does a person need to graduate?
  4. I would like to know more about e-mail and having an address set up.
  5. What does the class so to develop effective study habits and learn to take notes.
  6. Do you have to take the MBIT again if you've taken it before?
  7. Will we address feelings of anxiety (to test taking)?
  8. Are there ways to boost self-confidence?
  9. What are chances of getting into nursing program and requirements.
  10. Are there special requirements besides an academic one for these major (pharmacy)?
  11. How much is student housing?
  12. How difficult is it to obtain a student loan?
  13. How to study
  14. How can you find out what an instructor is really like?
  15. How to prepare for a test?
  16. If we need help in certain areas specific can you lead us in that direction?
  17. Will the MBIT test be totally accurate?
  18. Will we be learning much about the internet?
  19. What should I enroll in next semester?
  20. What are the difference between a community college and a university?
  21. How many credits for an associates?
  22. Will credits transfer to Boise State?
  23. How do I find out if they do or don't?
  24. How to study a lot of info.?
  25. Study skills
  26. Time management
  27. Note taking
  28. Stress management
  29. Improving computer skills


Spring 2003 class

  1. I need to know how many credits is usually necessary to get a degree.
  2. I want to know about differences on degree, associate degree etc.
  3. I need on advice on how accommodate my schedule better.
  4. I really need your help on math.
  5. If I want to work , on campus is any possibility? How can I start to look?
  6. Financial Aid, being a single mother I would like to go to college full time but I am not sure how to manage it with work and a baby… help.
  7. How to write good research papers
  8. What are some grants to apply for?
  9. How much would it cost to go to school full time?
  10. Is there any type of job placement program?
  11. Is the wellness center free to students?
  12. Will I be bombarded with homework?



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