WWCC has developed a one year ESL certificate to meet students needs.  The certificate documents the English that you've learned at WWCC and can either supplement your two year degree or be a goal unto itself.  We hope the certificate will help you with finding employment and in giving students an incentive if they don't necessarily want a 2-year degree.  If you're interested in applying for the certificate, please do so through the Enrollment Services office at the beginning of your last semester at the college.  Here's the information about the certificate:

Purpose and Benefits: 
The purpose of this certificate is to provide students both the documentation of their studies of the English language and to mark their accomplishments.  The benefits to students is that it will give them documentation for employment opportunities in their native countries, as well as to give closure to their ESL education.  This certificate offers another level of studies, gives options to student who aren't necessarily interested in pursuing a 2-year or 4-year degree. 

English as a Second Language
One Year Certificate

The ESL program provides courses for international or non-native students who want to improve their English ability and/or attain a degree from an American college or university.  The ESL certificate is a 17 credit program which proves that students have successfully completed a rigorous curriculum which has improved their English speaking and writing ability and provides them at least with an intermediate level of English skill.

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