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Americans with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Provided by Karen Waters, Disability Support Services Specialist

Sponsored by, the Student Development Center

March 2005


Question:  What is the definition of disability and how do mitigating measures affect a disability rating?   


Answer:   A disability substantially limits a life activity.  The landmark Supreme Court case Sutton v. United Airlines Inc., U.S. 471 (1999) settled years of debate.  Essentially, if a condition can be corrected, then a person may not be substantially limited in a life activity.  In the Sutton case, the use of eyeglasses gave them normal vision.  As a result, they were not disabled and not protected under the ADA.


What this case tells us is if a person can use some device (eyeglasses) and by utilizing a mitigating measure they restore their condition to a normal range, they are not deemed to be disabled.  Therefore, they are not protected under the ADA and are not eligible for accommodations.     


I hope you have enjoyed the ADA Fact Sheet.  If you have specific questions you would like answered or need more information on a disability, please let me know.  I would appreciate your input.  And, thanks for your help in the educational plan for our ADA students taking courses at Western Wyoming Community College.




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