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Americans with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Provided by Karen Waters, Disability Support Services Specialist

Sponsored by, the Student Development Center

February 2005


Question: What is the process for course substitutions?



Answer:   Course substitutions must pass a three-part test.  A committee of experts composed of instructors from various fields (not just the subject area the course substitute is being considered for) meet to discuss the importance of the course being measured and to propose alternatives.  As long as the post-secondary institution meets the reasonable “deliberation test” the Office of Civil Rights has shown to respect those decisions. 


This tells us that even though some colleges and universities have established course alternatives to accommodate persons with disabilities, not all learning institutions must agree to do so.  The key is to have a diverse group of experts examine the course and reach a professional judgment in the matter.  As long as the group proves professional judgment was exercised and not opinion or supposition, a college can determine they will not permit course substitutions.      


I hope you have enjoyed the ADA Fact Sheet.  If you have specific questions you would like answered or need more information on a disability, please let me know.  I would appreciate your input.  And, thanks for your help in the educational plan for our ADA students taking courses at Western Wyoming Community College.




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