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Americans with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Provided by Karen Waters, Disability Support Services Specialist

Sponsored by, the Student Development Center

August 2004



Question: What areas of learning are affected with Learning Disabilities?



Answer Learning Disabilities encompass a wide range of functional limitations.  To be classified as Learning Disabled, one or more of the following could be affected:



     These students improve their success rate with appropriate accommodations.  Accommodations are designed to give these students an opportunity for success; equal to their non-disabled peers.

     Accommodations might include: the use of a spell-checker, a calculator, books on tape, a note-taker, tape recording class lectures and discussions, copies of lecture notes, extended time to complete assignments, testing in a distraction-free room.



I hope you have enjoyed the ADA Fact Sheet.  If you have specific questions you would like answered or need more information on a disability, please let me know.  I would appreciate your input.  And, thanks for your help in the educational plan for our ADA students taking courses at Western Wyoming Community College.




Karen K. Waters, Disability Support Services Specialist – (307) 382-1806