Submitted by Dixie Darr, M.Ed.


Dixie Darr, M.Ed., has been teaching adult college students for twenty years. The last fifteen years have been spent with the University of Phoenix teaching writing, research, lifelong learning and assessment of prior learning. She also teaches on-line for Jones International University.

Twenty years of teaching adult college students has taught me many valuable lessons, including some of the reasons adults endure the hardship of adding college classes to their already overloaded schedules. Here are the top thirty:

1. To finish what you started
2. To achieve a personal goal
3. To qualify for a better job
4. To keep your current job
5. To change fields
6. To follow a dream
7. To try something new
8. To ask questions
9. To seek answers
10. To earn a degree before your kids do
11. To graduate with your kids
12. To use your employer's tuition reimbursement program
13. To prove it's never too late
14. To seek knowledge
15. To get a raise
16. To wear a cap and gown
17. To beef up your resume
18. To learn new skills
19. To develop your mind
20. To show you can
21. To improve your self esteem
22. To fill the empty nest
23. To take advantage of adult-friendly programs
24. To meet like-minded people
25. To open your mind to new possibilities
26. To qualify for a higher degree
27. To set a good example for your kids
28. To start a new family tradition
29. To quit explaining why you don't have a degree
30. Because you finally know what you want to be when you grow up.




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