How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide by A. Thompson, C. Adams and J. Hass


"This is a marvelous, user-friendly introduction to the basic ideas of calculus. It is effective, humorous and eminently practical. The book that 100,000 calculus students have been searching for is finally here."—Ron Graham, Chief Scientist, AT&T Labs, former President of the American Mathematical Society, and author of Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation of Computer Science



How to Ace the Rest of Calculus: The Streetwise Guide: Including Multi-Variable Calculus by A. Thompson, C. Adams and J. Hass


The sequel to How to Ace Calculus, How to Ace the Rest of Calculus provides humorous and highly readable explanations of the key topics of second and third semester calculus—such as sequences and series, polar coordinates, and multivariable calculus—without the technical details and fine print that would be found in a formal text.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to Calculus by Michael Spivak


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Calculus begins with a rapid view of lines and slope. Spivak then takes up non-linear functions and trigonometric functions. He places the magnifying glass on curves in the next chapter and effortlessly leads the reader to the idea of derivative. In the next chapter tackles speed and velocity, followed by the derivative of sine. Maxima and minima are next. Rolle's Theorem and the MVT form the core of Chapter 11, "Watching Experts at Play." The Hitchhiker's Guide to Calculus closes with a chapter on the integral, the fundamental theorem, and applications of the integral.


How to be a Great Math Student by Richard Manning Smith


Providing solid tips for every stage of study, Mastering Mathematics stresses the importance of a positive attitude and gives students the tools to succeed in their math course. This practical guide will help students: avoid mental blocks during math exams, identify and improve areas of weakness, get the most out of class time, study more effectively, overcome a perceived "low math ability," be successful on math tests, get back on track when feeling "lost," and much more!