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For several years, it has been the goal of the Learning Center at Western Wyoming Community College to help transition GED graduates into college classes. The Learning Center wants students to view the GED as a successful beginning to life-long learning, not the end. In the past, a one day, four hour workshop was developed to provide transitional information to GED graduates to help in this transition. On average, 28% of GED graduates continue on at WWCC. Retention of these new college students soon became a focus, and a one credit class was developed starting in the Fall of 2002 to help retain these new college students. Financial support for the one-credit class was available, provided by Sweetwater Board of Cooperative Education Services (SBOCES).

The transition class was held on four Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. The class was modeled after Camp, "Of Course You Can!", taught at Tomball College in Texas. Additional information was pulled from Ten Skills You Really Need To Succeed In College, written by John Langan and published by McGraw Hill. The classes have had a mixture of GED graduates and freshmen college students. The combination is a positive mixture. Current college students helped with discussions and provided insight to their first semester at WWCC.


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