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National External Diploma Program

Washington N.E.D.P Sites

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The External Diploma Program (EDP) is a national high school completion program for adults over 21, who have acquired many of their high school level abilities through their life experiences.

Brenda is 40, has been successful in the business field, but with a young daughter starting school, wanted to earn her high school degree for her own personal satisfaction. 

Wendy is 21, and was interested in going on to college after earning her high school degree.

William had worked for 20 years with the same company, but after being laid off because of job cuts, was not hired back for the same job, until he had a high school degree. 

Brigid needed to provide proof of a high school degree, even though she was a registered nurse, to get a state permit for an adult care facility. Getting the proof was difficult because she had graduated in a foreign country. 

All of these adults could have taken the tests for a GED, but EDP offered them a traditional high school diploma, in an individualized, assessment based, confidential program; one that acknowledged the skills that  parallel job and life situations.  They were evaluated according to established performance criteria instead of by comparison with others. 

This program allows adults who have successfully run house holds or held jobs, to demonstrate their competence in the same manner they have been using those skills over the years-in context.  EDP attracts a different population from those currently served in existing programs, owing largely to “user friendly” features that adults request such as:

            Flexibility of time and location

            Confidentiality, private sessions, ability to work at home

Open information on the requirements

            Specific and complete information on the requirements

Multi-method assessment (oral, performance, written)

Continuous feedback

Empowerment to direct their own learning

 For more information, or locations in WA State please call Literacy Source at 206-782-2050, and ask for Kit, or e-mail at .

Washington N.E.D.P Sites:

Goodwill Learning Center

1400 S Lane, Seattle   98114   



Literacy Source 

8016 Greenwood Ave N, 98103   



Renton Technical College

300 NE 4th St, Renton  



Tacoma Community House

1314 So. L St, Tacoma  98405  



Bellingham Goodwill Learning Center

1115 E Sunset De #100, Bellingham  98026  



Mt Vernon Goodwill Leaning Center

102 Valley Mall Way, Mt Vernon 98273   




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