List of Software Reviewed

Alphabetical Listing of the Software Reviewed

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Internet sites


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12 American Voices

A+ Certification

8 in 1 English dictionary

Career Labs– 200 Cover Letters

Ace Reader

Daryl Cagle’s Professional cartoonists Index

All Right type

Dave’s ESL

Building Vocabulary

EBSCO learn

Cognitive Tutor

Element K

Deep Freeze Standard 2000

GED Online

Developing Writing Skills

GED Pre-Testing 

Discover Intensive Phonics Yourself

Info Please


Kathy Chareonsup ESL Center

ESL Instant Immersion English

Long-term Ecological research

ESL Intermediate TOEFL Prep Software


GED 2002 Teaching strategies

Math Max

Get A Clue: Junior Mastery

Natural History Museum Dino Dictionary


Grammar & Writing

Newsweek Education Program

HEC Reading Horizons

Plato Online

Hot potatoes Masher

HyperStudio 4

Randall’s ESL Listening Lab

Information and Communications Technology



Skills Tutor

Learn to Speak English V. 8.0

Steck-Vaughn GED

Mastering Math

TechSmith Website

Mavis Typing Tutor

TV 411

NetSupport School


New Brunswick Community College


Norton Antivirus Software  

Orientation for Teachers New to Adult education


Oxford Picture Dictionary


PC 100 Basic Skills


PC 120 Internet


PC 140 Basic Word-processing


Phonics Alive!




Plato CyberEd


Pronunciation Power 1


Reading plus, V. 2.5.1


Scan & Read Lite


Sophos Antivirus  

Spell It Deluxe


Southwestern Keyboarding Pro Media


Tell Me More


TextAloud MP3


The World of Words


TOEIC Pronunciation of American English


Typing Tutor 7


Virus Scan - McAfee




World View Social Studies


WTNN Wizard