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Computers in Action:  

Online activities for beginning computer users; learn basic skills such as clicking and dragging. http://easternlincs.worlded.org/docs/cia/toc.htm

Evaluating websites:  

Has forms (by grade levels) to evaluate websites; Spanish versions available. http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/eval.html

Email/Web Projects: 

This site was developed by Susan Gaer in 1994 as a means for people to collaborate worldwide. Based on the premise that non-native speakers have as much to offer as native speakers of English, Susan created the site to help both interact with each other. Projects are either initiated by classes or individual teachers.  



Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project  

Lesson plans, view student work, lots of resources and ideas.




Make and print a personalized book for a child.

 Is computer technology developmentally appropriate for young children?


      http://www.techandyoungchildren.org/ This is the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) website concerning technology. You can find their position statement under the Best Practices link.

For Kids

Math site:  

Spanish available;  some interactive activities.



Go to the Kids Pages. 

There’s a link for activities in Spanish; also homework help. 


Listen to stories in English or Spanish. 

You get to name some of the characters in the story and there is a printable activity to do afterward.


Find tips for kids on using a mouse, following links, resizing the window, and more. 

Resources in many languages, including Spanish.


Ask Jeeves for Kids for older (school age) children. 

Find answers to study questions in math, science, history, biography, etc., free clip art.


 For Parents 

Accesses all sorts of free information for parents, many of which are in Spanish.



OSU Extension Service created this site to meet the needs of the many Hispanic parents who use Spanish in the home and the educators who serve those parents.


Parenting information in English and Spanish.


Canton Public Library, Michigan. This site has links to parenting resources. The home site (replace parents in the address with index) also has resources for kids, and many other ways to access library resources.


Has a wealth of ideas for varying ages of children. All English, but excellent parenting resources.



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