Family Literacy Even Start Lesson Plans



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Lesson 1 - Video Presentations of developmental Stages of Infants & Toddlers (Birth -3)

Technology used: Video/Internet Resources
Supplemental Material: ASQ Venn Diagram Sample KAU


Lesson 2 - Video Presentations of Language Development in the ECE Classroom

Technology used: Video
Supplemental Material: Creative Curriculum Language Development


Lesson 3 - Sharing the Family's Favorite Picture Book

Technology used: Computer/PowerPoint/Internet

Supplemental Material: K-A-U for PowerPoint PowerPoint Definitions Form for Book Report Evaluation Book Report Evaluation in PowerPoint


Lesson 4 - Computer Access Treasure Hunt

Technology used: Computer/Internet
Supplemental Material: None


Lesson 5 - Gathering Data on Child Immunization from the Web

Technology used: Computer/Internet
Supplemental Material: None


Lesson 6 - Connecting Parents to School

Technology used: Computer/Internet/Web Quests
Supplemental Material: None


Lesson 7 - Exploring the Mexican Government's Website for INEA and Parent Education

Technology used: Computer/Internet
Supplemental Material: Anticipation/Reaction Guide


Lesson 8 - How to Buy a Computer 

Technology used: Computer/Internet
Supplemental Materials: Computer K-W-L Computer Vocabulary Comparison 
Venn Diagram - Sample
Computer Needs Matrix - Sample