Treasure Valley Community College

EL Civics Report Fall 06


CA Objective #13.7

List the names of teachers, classroom numbers, and school name and phone number


Class of 10 students (5 beginning & 5 advanced) that meet in the Vale Elementary School Library for two hours two nights a week.


Beginning Students fill out the following chart with personal information.  Most students knew their child’s school, but the majority did not know the grade they were in or their teacher, so this became a homework assignment. 


Using the local phone book students looked up the number of their children’s school.  Once all the information was in place, students copied it neatly on a piece of paper that they could keep by the phone. 





























We also looked at the attendance policy for each school and found out when you needed to call the school (every day the child will not be in school) and also that when the child returns to school you need to send a written note.  


While the beginning group was doing this, the advanced group practiced writing notes

excusing their children from school. 



CA Objective #13.10

Fill out a school registration from for oneself or a child including items such as name, address, immunizations, and past educational experience.


An advanced ESL class of approximately 10 students who meet for 3 hours twice a week. 


Due to funding from area public schools and other sources, we were able to offer childcare during the Winter Quarter.  In preparation for this, students registered their pre-school children in the TVCC Day Care during Fall Quarter. The registration packet was  a 15-page document which asks about the child’s health, eating and sleeping habit, the words they are able to say, as well as immunization records and permission slips.  We used this as an opportunity for an English lesson  and filled out the information together. 


Integrating Technology and Communication among Oregon Community College


During the Fall EL Civics meeting we make arrangements with Blue Mountain Community College to have the ESL classes in the two colleges become pan pals and e-mail each other.  We started on this project but had trouble with technology.  Most of the students were still very uncomfortable writing email.  After reading some of the postings on the EL Civics Listserve, we decided to write postcards instead.  Instructors from the two schools have been in contact with each other via email and the telephone and more will be instituted Winter Quarter.  We have decided to take pictures with a digital camera and have the students make them into postcards and write about themselves on the back.  We will send the postcards to Blue Mountain and the students there will chose someone they would like to be pen pals with.