Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC











Story:  Jamal is jailed when the police mistake him for a burglar.  Eventually Mr. Brashov arrives at the police station and, after talking to the police, is able to free Jamal.  Meanwhile Henry’s grandparents, who speak very little English, are lost in the city.  With the help of a kindly, Chinese-speaking police officer, they are reunited with the Chang family.


School Personnel:  Who are the people who work in your local school district? Discuss the roles of the superintendent, principal, classroom teacher, school secretary, librarian, school nurse, cafeteria personnel, and custodians.


Chart:  Make a chart of people at your child’s school.  Describe them according hair color and length, height, eye color, body type, other facial features.  Parents and children can do this together.


Discuss discrimination in the schools.  Do students feel that they or their children have experienced discrimination?  Have them share experiences with the class.  How did they handle these experiences?  Who can they go to in the district when they feel that discrimination is a problem?


Role play:  Based on the situations discussed, role play ways to handle discrimination is an alternative e-zine with an interesting article on racial profiling at intermediate reading level.
"Racial Profiling:  Prejudice or Protocol?"


Sheila Ray the Brave, by Kevin Henkes (about being lost)
A Mother for Choco, by Keiko Kasza (describing features)
Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey (a helpful policeman).