Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC













Story:  Katherine wants to buy a computer for her son, David, so she takes an extra job.  She is tired and can’t do a good job at the café.  She never sees her children, and things start to fall apart at home.  David resents being responsible for his sister.  The little girl draws a picture that shows how unhappy she is.  Katherine decides she needs to change her priorities.

Television: This episode provides an opportunity to discuss the use of television in the home.  When is it helpful, and when is it harmful for children?  Local public television stations can provide helpful information on this topic.

Community Resources: What resources are available in the community and the school to help parents cope?  Are there latchkey, after-school, or mentoring programs, Lunch-Buddy programs, homework help, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, or other programs? 

Guest speaker:  Invite a counselor or psychologist to give a presentation on the development of children’s decision-making skills.  Discuss what parents can do to promote good decision-making, even when adults cannot be present to supervise.


Field trip:  Plan a visit to your child’s computer lab to find out how technology is used in the school?  What computer facilities are available at local schools?  What skills are taught and who teaches them?  How often are they updated?  How much time do children spend on computers?  How do computers help them learn?  What other types of technology do students have access to?  Read the computer use agreement together and discuss the rules.


Read about how to talk to children about their day and how to ask open-ended questions.  You might use the following web pages:

The Terrible Thing that Happened at Our House, by Marge Blaine (about working mothers)
A Chair for my Mother
, by Vera B. Williams (about making ends meet in a family) 
Just the Two of Us, by Will Smith (about family relations)