Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC











Story:  In this story, Victor’s brother, Nicolae, comes to visit the United States.  For a short time he has the opportunity of running Crossroads Café, and he tries to make it more like a Romanian restaurant, which does not please Mr. Brashov.  Nicolae finds it very difficult to deal with customs in the United States and decides to return to Romania.


Discuss how the U.S. system of education differs from that of the student’s home country.  These may include such things as class size, uniforms and dress codes, discipline, homework, and school supplies. 

Make a chart comparing the two different school systems.

Are there opportunities in your school district to share customs?  Can parents create such opportunities as volunteers in the school district?  Examples:
An International Dinner
Teaching songs from various countries
A Folk Dance Festival
Celebrations of various ethnic holidays
Fieldtrips--Visit museums that focus on diversity

Read and discuss articles on culture shock and adjusting to a new country.


Ira Sleeps Over,
by Bernard Waber (leaving home)