Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC












Story:  Mr. Brashov needs some help organizing all of his paperwork.  An efficiency expert is brought in to help him organize Crossroads Café and make it run more smoothly.  Though the expert helps in some ways, he goes too far and makes everyone uncomfortable.  The employees learn a lesson about balancing the needs of people with the need to make money.


Discuss time concepts in the U.S.  How do these concepts differ from those of the students’ native countries?


Discuss the typical school day.  How are school days organized?  How do they differ from elementary to middle school to high school?


Make time-management charts.  Show how individuals organize their time in a typical day.


Survey:  Parents ask their children to describe a typical school day.  Discuss responses with the class: how much time is spent on reading, writing, mathematics, and other subjects?

Discuss how parents can help children organize their time at home to include reading and studying.  Talk about creating an environment for studying in the home.

Read articles about time management, creating a learning atmosphere in the home, and helping your child with homework.  Find articles at the following locations:
Also look at   “Help Your Children with Homework.”

Bunny Day:  Telling Time from Breakfast to Bedtime, by Rick Walton
Telling Time with Big Mama Cat, by Dan Harper.
(about telling time)