Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC











Story:  There is a burglary at the home of Jess and Carol.  They look at several security devices to protect their home, but they are either too expensive or don’t work.  They finally decide to meet with their neighbors to discuss crime prevention.  Meanwhile, Katherine’s son, David, and his friends show up at Crossroads Café and misbehave.  They have to learn to follow rules.


Obtain the district’s discipline policy.  Teach vocabulary such as weapon, bully, vandalism, suspension, expulsion, no-tolerance, etc.



Discuss why discipline policies have become stricter in recent years.



Home Survey:  Parents ask children if they feel safe at school.   In class compare answers.  Do children and families have safety concerns?  How can these be addressed in the school system?

Read tips on keeping children safe at school.  The following are articles on the web about safety in and out of school:,1120,24-10017,00.html

Officer Buckle and Gloria,
by Peggy Rathmann
The Cup Ups at Camp Custer, by James Marshall
(about following rules)