Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC











Story:  Jamal, who was an engineer in Egypt, is working as a handyman at Crossroads Café.  When his friends show up, he doesn’t want to admit that he is just a handyman, so he pretends to be the owner of the restaurant.  Of course, the friends find out the truth, and they assure Jamal that his position isn’t what’s important to them.  They like him for who he is.


Discuss bilingual education.  How does being bilingual increase career opportunities? What does it mean to be truly bilingual?  What programs does your district offer?  Find out about types of bilingual education.  Which types benefit children the most?  If the school district does not have good programs, how can parents help their children to become bilingual—not just speaking, but also reading and writing in the native language? 

Field Trip:  Visit the library (public or school).  What resources are available in other languages?  Is there a procedure for requesting books and materials?


Self Esteem:  Discuss how self esteem affects learning.  Teach vocabulary used to praise children.


Read an article on self-esteem.  One can be found at this website:


The Crayon Box that Talked, by Shane Derolf
You Are Special, by Max Lucado
Indescribably Arabella, by Jane Gilbert
Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  by Dr. Seuss (Geisel)
(about individuality and self-esteem)