Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC



Story: The oven isn’t working, and Victor goes to see his banker for a loan.  The loan officer says that Crossroads Café isn’t making enough profit, and the loan is denied.  Victor invites the local senior citizens group to have their weekly bingo games at the café.  The seniors buy lunch and profits improve.  Jamal finds a part to repair the oven, so Victor doesn’t need the loan after all.





Your New Language:  Ask questions using the word "did".  Revisit talking to children about their day.  Have the parents generate a list of questions to ask their children at home, such as:  What did you read today at school?  What did you play at recess (or P.E.)?  What did you eat for lunch?  What did you create in art? 




 Plan of action:  Victor learns to recognize a problem and create a plan of action.  Parents and children can discuss areas of difficulty in school and create a plan of action to help the child improve.


Find out about resources for helping children with difficulties in school.  Learn about school personnel, such as the speech therapist, the special education teacher, the reading specialist, school psychologist and school counselor.  How do these people help students, and how can families access these services?  Also discuss early intervention programs for pre-school children. 




The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margerie Williams, and Stranger in the Mirror, by Allen Say (about aging).

Leo the Late Bloomer, by Robert Kraus (try, try again)