Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook—TVCC




Story:  As an experiment, the employees at Crossroads Café all switch jobs for a day, in order to see whose job is most important.  They find the restaurant doesn’t run very smoothly and that each job has its challenges.  Meanwhile, Jess and Carol have switched roles at home, and Jess is having a problem accepting that his wife is the bread winner and bill-payer of the family. 




Your New Language:  Discuss strengths that will help parents and children succeed in their educations.  Parents make a list of things that they “can do” or “know how to do.”  At home, make lists with children of things that they “can do” or “know how to do.”




If parents have very young children, discuss school readiness.  Obtain a copy of the school readiness test that is given to kindergarteners, or talk to the teacher about readiness.  What types of skills are young children expected to have when they start school?  Discuss how to help children develop the necessary skills. 



Discuss:  How are male and female roles are different in the United States from the students’ home countries?  How does the school system influence these roles?  What are the benefits of taking classes that are not stereotypically expected of the child’s gender.  How do students feel about girls taking auto mechanics or boys taking home economics?


Reading:  Read an article about schools that have separate classes for boys and girls.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of separating children by gender?

An article on the president’s view on single-sex schools can be found at the following site:



Is It Hard? Is It Easy? by Mary McBurney Green, Mr. Tod’s Traps, by Malcolm Carrick, and Bea and Mr. Jones, by Amy Schwartz

(about role reversal)