Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC









Story:  In this episode Crossroads Café is vandalized by a gang.  Henry discovers a knife left behind that belongs to his brother Edward.  Edward says that he was forced to do what the gang wanted to do, and he has bruises to prove it.  Edward cooperates with the police and helps them catch the gang members.



Find out:  What is the school’s policy regarding vandalism?  Read and discuss the district policy together. What does vandalism cost the local district, and who pays for it?


Research:  What have other school districts done to prevent vandalism?  Which ideas have worked best?


Presentations:  Parents present findings at a parent meeting or other district meeting.


Guest speaker:  Invite the school resource officer to discuss gang activity in your area.  What factors influence whether or not young people join gangs?  How can parents help prevent gang involvement?


Read articles about preventing gangs and cutting crime.  Find information at or the following site:


The Tale of Two Bad Mice, by Beatrix Potter  (about misbehavior)