Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC












Story:  An attractive woman named Barbara comes to Crossroads Café.  She pretends to be interested in Mr. Brashov.  They go out on a date, and she convinces him to give her $800 to help advertise the restaurant.  Katherine discovers that it is really a scam, and the café employees devise a way to trick Barbara into returning the $800.


Does your school district offer classes in consumer awareness?  Are there required classes in consumer economics?  Are they only offered in high school?  What consumer topics are taught in the lower grades?


Discuss the importance of the peer group for children at various ages.  How does the peer group influence their decisions, and how can parents help children to resist negative peer influences?


Talk at home:  How important is popularity and fitting in to the students’ children?  Discuss in class.


For a website on consumer education with information for adults and children in English and Spanish, see:
Read an article about peer influence, for example, the Illinois hazing incident (spring, 2003).
Read articles on helping children deal with negative peer pressure.  Find articles at the following sites on the web:

A Bargain for Francis
, by Russell Hoban (about scams)