Crossroads Cafe School Involvement Handbook--TVCC




















Story:  Victor Brashov, an immigrant from Romania, is preparing to open a restaurant.  He interviews potential employees and tries to find    an appropriate name for his establishment.  All of the main Crossroad Café characters are introduced.


Your New Language:  Practice giving personal information.  After practicing orally, fill out simple forms that require personal information.  Fill out forms that require information about the students’ children.  If possible, fill out an application for a library card for the student and family.  (In Jazz Chants, by Carolyn Graham, there is a chant entitled “Personal Questions,” which might be useful for this lesson). 


School Forms:  Obtain a copy of the school emergency contact card.  Discuss the information required on the card and why it is important for the school to have that information.  Fill out the forms.



Discussion:  What are the characteristics of a good employee?  What are the characteristics of a good student?  Are they the same?  Which skills are transferable from the school to the workforce? 


Make a Venn Diagram of the skills that were discussed.


Ways to Learn:  Know your strengths.  Ask parents to identify the strengths that will help make them successful learners.  Make a list of strengths.  Students rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 5 for each strength.  Set a goal to work on one area.  Parents can help their children identify their strengths by doing this activity at home.


Read an article about characteristics of a good employee.  A good place to start is Equipped for the Future.  Try the following:

The following is from a religious website, but with some editing, you might be able to use it:


Sloth’s Birthday Party, by Diane Redfield Massey (about monitoring and correcting performance)

The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn (about starting school)