While You Watch

     Super Size Me    


A.  Read the questions and answers below.  Then watch the video a second time and choose the best answer for each question.


Introduction to the movie

1.  The narrator says, “Everything is bigger in America.  We’ve got the

     biggest…”  Circle the words that he says.

a.   cars                      b.   houses                             c.   dogs                     d.   yards

e.   food                     f.   companies                                    g.   beaches               h.   people


2.  About how many Americans does the narrator say are overweight or


a.   100,000               b.   10,000,000                      c.   100,000,000        d.   150,000,000


3.  About what percent of Americans are overweight or obese?

a.   66 %                     b.   6 %                                   c.   16 %                     d.   60 %


4.  Which state is the fattest state in the U.S.?

a.   Mississippi                                   b.   West Virginia                             c.   New York


5.  Which state in the U.S. is the narrator from?

a.   Mississippi                                   b.   West Virginia                             c.   New York


6.  Did he eat out as a child?

a.   Yes                                               b.   No


7.  Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.  What is the first leading cause of preventable death?

a.   smoking                                        b.   high blood pressure                   c.   car accidents


8.  How many deaths are related to obesity?

a.   400,000                                       b.   40,000                                         c.   100,000


9.  In 2002, two girls sued McDonalds for their obesity.  The first girl was 14 years old.  How big was she?

a.   4’ 10” / 170 pounds                    b.   4’ / 180 pounds              c.   4’ 10” / 177 pounds


9.  The other girl was 19 years old.  How big was she?

a.   5’6” / 170 pounds                                   b.   5’ 6” / 210 pounds         c.   5’ 6” / 270 pounds


10. How many Americans visit a fast food restaurant in one day?

a.   14,000                                          b.   25%                                  c.    1.4


11.  How many McDonalds restaurant are there in the world?

a.   30,000                                         b.   3,000                               c.   300,000


12. In how many countries in the world can you find a McDonalds?

a.   100                                               b.   1,000                                c.   10


13. How many people in the world eat at a McDonalds in one day?

a.   46 million                                     b.   47 billion                         c.   47 million


14. Where can you find a McDonalds?  Circle at least 4 answers.  There are 8 correct answers.

a.   Walmarts                           b.  airports               c.   gas stations           d.   train stations

e.   churches                f.   rest stops          g.   swimming pools      h.   amusement parks    

i.   department stores  j.   hospitals           k.   truck stops            l.   skyscrapers


15.   The 2 girls did not win when they sued McDonalds.  McDonalds’ lawyers said that they know McDonalds’ food is dangerous, but they don’t know if that’s why the girls are obese.  The lawyers said that if someone could eat McDonalds almost every day, they may be able to show that McDonalds is bad for their health.  How long will the narrator eat only McDonalds?

a.   30 days                                        b.   30 weeks                         c.   3 weeks


16.  How many doctors did the narrator ask to help him with his experiment?

a.   1                                                    b.   3                                       c.   5