D. Anthony Collins –           

Southwestern Oregon Community College

Integrated Skills, multilevel



Civic Objective - Research and describe the cultural backgrounds that reflect the local cross-cultural society and that may present a barrier to civic participation.


Language and Literacy

1. *Write and/or report personal information: name, place of birth, and native language, etc.

3. *Interview classmates about cultural information.


Curriculum Used

CC, #2, “Growing Pains” and Word Play “Making Introductions”



We’re mixing learning about culture and each other. For the first week of classes we completed a typical, “personal inventory” or Passport, as Mona has called these recently. After the individual work, we shared in pairs on places lived / visited and then reported back out to the group. We used maps to describe the visits or trips. In the second week, we played a guessing game where each S wrote a title of favorites (cars, TV shows, Movies, Music) and the group had to guess the category. This activity led directly into the next interview and report.


Ss Response

Ss are quick to fill out forms and less interested in working to be understood. Specifically, we had Ss write the responses of their interviewees turning the whole thing into a partial dictation lesson. The best discussions came from talking about where Ss wanted to visit. And after playing the guessing game, there was good sharing on, “what, who, where’s that.”


Additional Resources

Personal Inventory