D. Anthony Collins –           

Southwestern Oregon Community College

Integrated Skills, multilevel



Civic Objective - Research and describe the cultural backgrounds that reflect the local cross-cultural society and that may present a barrier to civic participation.


Language and Literacy

1. *Write and/or report personal information: name, place of birth, and native language, etc.

3. *Interview classmates about cultural information.


Curriculum Used

CC, #2, “Growing Pains” and Word Play “Making Introductions”

OHanami 1 material



We spent the first week talking about April Fool’s Day and the cultural problems in understanding. We did a cloze and some reading, and then we watched some videos with discussions following. Dia de los Inocentes (12.28 every year) came up as similar where the “jokes” seem hurtful until understanding the culture. To expand this, we have a new high level Japanese S that I paired with an academic Japanese S and a classroom aid all familiar with Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan. We did magazines, video, and readings; then we followed all with a small panel discussion trying to explore and explain that tradition.


Ss Response

Ss enjoyed the videos of course. What worked really well in the attached, Hi and Low level reading was regrouping and getting them to share the pictures that I tweaked for each group. I couldn’t get an Internet video of the song Miho (new S) worked out in Japanese and English for us all to sing. Check the link on the .pdf or email and I’ll send it of some “classical” Japanese music that we used to get our panel to dance. The remaining group was much happier to watch than to sing or dance! We ended this session with talk on what foods and drinks would your family take for a Spring picnic, and that worked well.


Additional Resources

Just for laughs is a popular Canadian, Candid Camera-type TV show that works for low levels about April Fools. I need to start taping whole episodes.


“Punk’d” is a popular TV show from MTV with edgier “jokes” on celebrities that work with low levels with setup. I used these two: Rihanna and Hugh Jackman 


Regards, -Anthony