Reading the Newspaper


Please ask a partner the questions on this survey and write down their answers. 


1.     How often do you read a newspaper?



2.     Do you read a U.S. newspaper or a newspaper written in your native language?



3.     What is the name(s) of the newspapers you read?



4.     Do you read the headlines first?



5.     What section of the newspaper do you turn to first?



6.     Why do you read the newspaper the most (for example, for news, weather, ads, articles, movie listings, job listings etc.)?



7.     Do you read or “scan” the articles?



8.     Do you think most reporting is “objective” or “subjective”?



9.     What kind of articles would you like to see in the newspaper?


10.If you could write an article about    

     something that interests you, or an     

     issue that affects you, what would it