My name is Bill Tuck. I teach an intermediate level ESL class at Rogue Community College in Medford. The class meets Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.


Our class was studying the theme of housing and home maintenance.


Before viewing the video, "United We Stand", we discussed the meaning of the title which many students had seen on bumper stickers.


One focus strategy I used while we watched a story clip was to write 5 or 6 quotes on the board and have students write down the names of the characters who said them.


After watching the entire video, the students did the "After You Watch" exercises in Worktext B. Then they constructed a paragraph by beginning each sentence, which they had put in order in the exercise, with a sequence word (First, Second, Then, Next, Finally). Then, as a whole class activity, they used the sentences to retell the story, first in the present tense and then in the past tense. 


After watching the culture clip, the students discussed housing problems they have experienced here and in their native countries.  Then the students (in groups) listed some responsibilities of landlords and tenants and compared lists. 


For homework, I asked  the students to look in their telephone directory and find the phone numbers of community resources someone could call if they were being treated unfairly by a landlord. 


This lesson plan correlates with the CASA competencies of interpreting information about tenant and landlord rights and communicating housing problems to a landlord.


Bill Tuck