ESL Pen Pal Card Preparation



  Write the note using this information.


Write the date on the line.





Write your pen palís name on the line.


Dear ___________________,



1.  Who is this a picture of?




2.  Where are you in the picture?






3.  What are you doing in the picture?





4.  What are two or three things you like about your ESL class?






5.  Tell something special about your ESL class.





                     Start a new paragraph



Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  In Grants Pass we have an event called BOATNIK on this weekend.


1.  What are three activities people can do on BOATNIK weekend?





2.  What is a very enjoyable activity you did on the weekend?





3.  Where did you go?





4.  When was the activity?





5.  Who was with you?




6.  What did you do? 





7. What did you see?





8. What did you hear?





9.  What did you say?





10. What did you smell?






11. What did you eat?





12. What did you like?







13. What did you not like?







14.  Would you do it again?






           New Paragraph


1.  Did you enjoy writing letters to your pen pals?





2.  Did you enjoy reading the letters from your ESL pen pals?




3.  Say something special or nice to your ESL pen pal.





4.  Would you like to continue writing letters in the future?





           Your ESL pen pal _____________