·        Oregon Coast Community College – spring 07

·        Instructor: Will Quillian

·        California Civic Objective: 

§        #27 Health – Emergencies Participate in CPR and First aid training and demonstrate knowledge of health and safety precautions.

1. Read the American Red Cross booklet.

2. *Identify and demonstrate first aid skills.

3. *Interpret emergency words or signs.

4. *Identify and discuss safety measures that can 

      prevent accidents and injuries.

5. Respond to CPR trainer’s instructions.

6. Discuss and demonstrate CPR procedures.


·        Last Saturday 9 students and Latino community members participated in a free CPR class at our local Red Cross.  Half of the $32 fee was covered by a Ford Foundation grant through the Red Cross (the grant covered Latino, and low income people) and the remaining $16 was covered by the EL Civics grant.


Comments:  This was the second year we did CPR training for our students (and have made it available to others in the Latino/NNS population).  Last year the Red Cross paid for the whole training.  This year, due to limited funds, they were only able to pay half, so we covered the difference with EL Civics money.  The class can be long (it took around 5 hours on a Saturday) but the students were engrossed with the material and loved the hands-on aspect of the class. 

To me it is the perfect example of authentic language instruction with the additional and critical outcome of being able to save a life.  I highly recommend trying this with your students and also recommend checking with your local Red Cross chapter to see if scholarship money is available.