Oval Callout: Food makes me feel better
Emotional Eating














The next time you want to eat something, ask yourself a question.  Are you really hungry?

If you answer No, then ask yourself why you want to eat when your body is not really hungry.


A.  What do you think? Answer the questions:

1.     Why do people eat food when they are not hungry? _____________________________________________

2.    Do you think this is a problem? _____________________________________________

3.    Name some foods people eat when they are not hungry? _____________________________________________





IM BORED!  Sometimes we are bored and dont have anything to do.  When this happens, you might walk into the kitchen, STOP!


                    Go to a different room,

or go for a walk.  


B.  What are activities we can do if we feel bored:

  1. go to a different room
  2. go for a walk
  3. _________________
  4. _________________
  5. _________________




C.  Compare healthy foods & unhealthy foods to foods I like:





IT TASTES DELICIOUS!  Sometimes food does taste good.  Sometimes we eat anything we can find in the refrigerator.  Many times it isnt good for us and it really isnt that great tasting.


When we have a healthy diet, we like to eat food that we really enjoy.  We eat foods that are good for our bodies.  We feel good, and have energy. We avoid foods that are not healthy or we eat only a small amount.  We enjoy the food we eat. 





I HAVE A LOT OF STRESS! This is often a common reason for eating.  People often eat because of stress, not because they are hungry




Try to read a book, or exercise instead.


D. Complete the chart about you:


What gives you stress?

How do you get rid of stress?

  1. Driving in traffic gives me stress.







  1. Listening to music helps me relax.




TV MAKES ME WANT TO EAT!  Many people like to relax in the evening and watch TV with a soda and some popcorn.  Soon watching TV, eating, and drinking are daily habits.


Evening TV programs have many food commercials.  We see the

delicious food and get hungry.

We run to the kitchen for a snack.  

  Too many pictures of food and happy, thin, good-looking people eating make us hungry! Dont watch too much television in the evening is good advice.


E.  Answer these questions about you:

1.     Do you think TV makes people eat? _________________

2.    When do you usually watch TV?____________________

3.    Do you eat when you watch TV?____________________

4.    What do you eat?______________________________




BECAUSE IM REALLY THIRSTY!  Sometimes people eat because they are thirsty.  Instead of having something to drink, people eat something that is often fattening.  The next time you feel hungry, drink some water.


If your stomach is making noise, it is time to eat.  If you want food between meals when your stomach is not making noise, dont eat.  Remember, you should give your body some kind of nutrition three time a day.  If you do have to eat between meals, eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable.  Try to think about what and why you are eating the next time you feel hungry, drink some water.


F.  Answer these question about you:               


1.     How many glasses of water do you drink everyday?_______

2.    Why is it important to drink water?__________________

3.    What do you usually drink with your meals?_____________  


Nutrition and Healthy Habits



  1. List three things that cause stress (make you feel stressed out):

a)     ________________________________________

b)    ________________________________________

c)     ________________________________________




  1. List 3 healthy things you do that make you happy:

a)     ________________________________________

b)    ________________________________________

c)     ________________________________________




  1. List three things parents can do to help their children stay healthy:

a)     ________________________________________

b)    ________________________________________

c)     ________________________________________


G.  Practice with a Partner:

  1. Share your answers with a partner.

Write new ideas:______________________________________