Class Newspaper Ideas


I. Class Newspaper

We have been looking at newspapers in class and discussing some of the articles in them.  Now, we will work on our own articles for a class newspaper.  


II. Newspaper Sections

We noted that in a newspaper you can find the following sections:

Local News, National News, International News, Arts & Entertainment (including movie listings, movie reviews, recipes and restaurant reviews), Sports, Classified Ads, Weather, Obituaries.


III. Types of Articles

Last week in the class survey, you were asked:


What kind of articles would you like to see in the newspaper?



If you could write an article about something that interests you, or an issue that affects you, what would it be?



Think about these questions again and answer them.


IV. Choose a Topic to Write About

Then, in a small group, discuss the topic you would like to write about. 

The topic can be any of the following:

- a problem or situation you have observed or experienced

- an issue that disturbs you

- an issue that pleases you

- a subject you are knowledgeable about

- some action you would like government officials or authorities to take

- a movie review

- a restaurant review

- a recipe

- a description of a sports event or favorite team

- an ad for something that you would like to buy or sell

- other ideas?