While You Watch

     Super Size Me    


A.  Read the questions and answers below.  Then watch the video a second time and choose the best answer for each question.


Chapter 24 Ė Day 18

1.  Morgan says that he feels horrible.  What hurts?

a.   Head                                b.   Stomach                          c.  Eyes                                  d.   Back


2.  What percent of vitamins is Morgan getting?

a.   Over 50%                                    b.   Under 50%                      c.   50%                                  d.   500%


3.  How many items on the McDonaldís menu have no sugar?

a.   5                                       b.   6                                       c.   7                                       d.   10


4.  What items do not have sugar?

a.   french fries                    b.  lemonade                          c.   chicken McNuggets       d.   coffee

e.   hashbrowns                     f.   Diet Coke                                    g.   salads                               h.   Sausage

i.   hamburger                                   j.   iced tea                            k.   yogurt                              l.   Big Mac


5.  How much did he weigh?

a.   205                                   b.   202                                  c.   210                                   d.   212


6. What does he want to do when they tell him how much he weighs?

a.   Letís go get something to eat.             b.   I need to lose weight.               c.   Oh good!


7. What is his blood pressure?

a.   150/80                             b.  120/80                  c.   150/90                             c.  100/90



8. What does the doctor say about Morganís liver?

a.   Itís OK.                                                    b.   Itís sick.                                      c.   Itís dead.


9. Morgan asks, ďAnd I wonít wipe out my liver in 2 more weeks?Ē  What does the

    doctor tell him?

a.   Stop doing what you are doing.                       b.   Youíre crazy.                              c.   No, itíll be OK.


Chapter 33

10. What was his final weight?

a.   202                                   b.   210                                c.   194                                  d.   185.5


Chapter 35

11. How much did he gain in 30 days?

a.   24.5                                  b.   25                                     c.   28                         d.   30


12. How much did his cholesterol go up?

a.   16 points                          b.   18 points                         c.   65 points             d.   22


13. How did he feel most of the time?

a.   Tired                                b.   Exhausted                       c.  Depressed                        d.  Both b and c


Chapter 36

14. How much sugar did he eat in 30 days?

a.   30 pounds                                    b.   35 pounds                                   c.   40 pounds                        d.   45 pounds


15.  How many pounds of fat did he eat in 30 days?

a.   5 pounds                          b.   12 pounds                   c.   15 pounds                        d.   2 pounds