If you attended the EL Civics state meeting at Silver Falls Retreat, this is the information I promised to send regarding the Super Size Me video and the "Culture Bump" videos. Those who did not attend can delete this message.

The ORTESOL presentation that I told you about (think "Culture Bump") used Microsoft Movie Maker. The presentation was given by Julie Haun of PSU. She did not include a web link, so you will unfortunately not be able to see those great videos of the elevator and the rat on the bus. The handouts she gave were 1) the instructions she gave to the students for using Movie Maker, and 2) the transparencies she used during her presentation. Her email address wasn't on either handout, but I'm sure you'll be able to locate her at PSU if you just search for her name under "faculty." I'd be happy to send her instructions by fax if anyone is interested.

Second, regarding "Super Size Me," I've attached several documents. The documents entitled "While You Watch" are for handouts that the students used while watching clips of the video. The first two don't include the chapter numbers, but they were the first chapters in the video. The last 2 handouts do include the chapter numbers so you'll be able to find them on the video fairly easily, (you might have to either go forward or backwards a bit). I always let the students watch the video clip once, then I give them the handouts and have them watch a second time. The first viewing is to get a global understanding of the clip, the second viewing allows them an opportunity to focus on the details. I also attached 2 handouts using phrasal verbs for food (e.g., pig out, whip up, cut back, etc.). One is a story with definitions of the phrasal verbs, the other includes conversation questions using idioms. Very fun!

If you have any questions, let me know.

It was great to see everyone.

Susan Kuhn


Links to Handouts
While You Watch 1
While You Watch 2
While You Watch 3
While You Watch 4
Phrasal Verb Story - Activity 1
Phrasal Verb Discussion - Activity 3