David Reigel

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Mt. Hood Community College

ESL 88A Listening/Speaking

Theme: Community Resources--Recreation

California Objective: #22

Language/Literacy Objective:

9. Identify, explore, and discuss different art forms and cultural activities.

CASAS Competency 2.7.6

Interpret materials related to the arts, such as fine art, music, drama, and film


In support of this objective, the class first found examples of music reviews in the newspaper. We read a review of the Portland Jazz Festival. I attended and wrote an independent review of the US premiere of Mexican pianist Diego Ramirez. This performance was not mentioned in the Oregonian review of the jazz festival. Since all of the ESL 88A listening/speaking class in attendance was Spanish-speaking, it was appropriate to translate the review into Spanish. We discussed the music, finding the best way to describe the pianist's playing. This was a good opportunity to select adjectives. We also had to pay attention to verb choice and tense.

We then submitted the review along with some photos I had taken for publication to Latin News!, an Oregon/Washington newspaper for Spanish speakers. It had come to my attention that a student worked as a reporter for this newspaper. The distribution is from Vancouver to the north, throughout Portland, and to Woodburn and Salem to the south. It was extremely exciting to have the chance for our class work to result in something public, especially since the brilliant playing of the young Ramirez has been passed by in the English language press.

A few weeks later, the article appeared. This was in the 1 de Abril, 2007 edition of Latin News! (¡Noticias Latinas!), Pagina 6, Locales. Access http://www.coho.net/~notilati/noticias/pdf/locales.pdf <http://www.coho.net/~notilati/noticias/pdf/locales.pdf> to read the article. The multiparagraph essay was edited to three very short paragraphs. While the original review described the music itself extensively, the published version focused on the indigenous cultural themes surrounding Ramirez' performance.