EL/Civics Fall Term Report

David Reigel
Mt. Hood Community College

ESL 88A Listening/Speaking

Theme: HealthHealth Care

Episode: CC Video #13 Trading Places

California Objective: #28

Language/Literacy Objective:

11. Role-play emergency calls and list basic first aid procedures

CASAS Competency 2.5.1

Locate and utilize services of agencies that provide emergency help


In video #13, following years of a questionable diet (see video #1, Brashov’s and Rosa’s turkey vs. beef argument, for example) and recent job-related stress, not to mention family problems such as a beloved deceased wife and a not-so beloved estranged daughter, Victor Brashov collapses due to a heart attack. Restaurant workers must think fast and call 911.

Students were disappointed but not surprised to see Victor collapse. They seemed interested to find out what happened next in video #14, in the spirit of the "to be continued …" phrase.

To prepare for this video segment the class tried several speaking activities based on calling 911.

First, to provide some background information we looked at a local city web site http://www.portlandonline.com/911 to see when to call 911. Examples of when not to call 911 are given, along with the local non-emergency number.

Next, in the traditional classroom we did speaking activities in Step Forward 1 (Oxford 2007), pp. 130-131, Lesson 4: "Learn to Call 911". These involved identifying a crime, medical emergency, and fire. Students worked in pairs on the modal should vs. shouldn’t when determining whether to call 911.

Continuing the pairwork, students used 3 by 5 notecards with standard 911 operator questions taken from the web site above to simulate 911 calls: "What happened?" "Where are you calling from?" "What is your name?" Students were able to answer these questions well, if not in an urgent manner.

Last, the group created oral descriptions of an event in Picture Stories: Poison. A child ingests poison and her mother must place an emergency call.

Reference: Oxford Picture Dictionary Medical Emergencies p. 82

be injured … have a heart attack … break a bone … swallow poison …