Map of Lane County and Eugene/Springfield

Work with a partner to answer the following questions.


Look at the Legend box on the Lane County side of the map.


  1. What does the purple color on the map represent?_________________


  1. What is the orange area?____________________________________


  1. What is the grey area?_____________________________________


  1. Why do you think the map says “See all of Oregon in Lane County”?



  1. Can you find any waterfalls on Highway 58? Name one.______________


  1. How many covered bridges are there in the Willamette Valley?_______


  1. Is there a lighthouse on the Lane County Coast?__________________


Look at the map of Lane County.


  1. What is the name of the reservoir closest to Eugene? Have you ever been there?_________________________________________________


Student A: Tell your partner how to get to this reservoir from Springfield.

Student B: Write the directions.




  1. Find Salt Creek Falls on the map.

Student B: Give your partner directions to get there, beginning in Eugene.

Student A: Write the directions.


Look at the Eugene/Springfield side of the map.


  1. What are the names of the two rivers you see?_______________________________________________


  1. Write the name of the park closest to where you live.______________


  1. Name one other park you have visited.__________________________


  1. Find the Lane Community College Main campus. What street is it on?_____________________________________________


  1. Have you ever visited Mount Pisgah? ___________________________


  1. How do you get there from the LCC Main Campus?




  1. Look for the railroad tracks. Where is the main train yard? (North, etc.)



  1. Find the symbol for wetlands in the legend.  Is there a bicycle path near the wetlands?__________________________________________


  1.  Find the purple number 34. What does this number stand for?