Work with a partner to answer the following questions.


Unfold the brochure halfway.

Look at the section headed “About Us”.

1.       How many recreation sites does the Lane County Parks division include?_________________________________________

2.     What is their annual budget?_________________________

3.     Does this money come from property taxes?______________

4.     How many people visit Lane County Parks each year?_________


Look at the other section headings.

What are some of the recreational activities they name? List at least 8.

5.     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Now unfold your brochure completely and look at the inside.

Look at the headings.

6.     How many districts are there in Lane County Parks?___________

7.     What are their names?



Find Howard Buford Recreation Area.

8.     How many acres of parkland does it have? __________________

9.     What else can you find there?___________________________


Look at the chart on the bottom of the page. Read the categories of information to the left.

10.  How many of the sites listed have toilets available?_________

11.   How many locations require a day use fee?_______________

12.  At how many park sites can you go swimming?_____________

13.  How many have access for disabled people?_______________

14.  Name the sites with overnight camping.

15.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How to contact Lane County Parks for more information: