Name: Indira Marie Bakshi   


Lane Community College


Class and Level: Multi-level Outreach: Springfield

SPL 0-9


Theme and episode: Crossroads Cafe Episode 21 – Walls and Bridges


Instructional Objectives:

1.Learn and show understanding of some prepositions of location and vocabulary useful for following and giving directions.

2. Increase awareness of educational opportunities for self and children.

3. Write in the past tense about an experience.



Short narrative: 


About once a term the Multi-level class in Springfield loses access to the building due to district activities.


This is a perfect opportunity for a field trip!


The last two field trips, we went to the Mall, and the Springfield Library. Students had expressed interest seeing the University of Oregon the previous term so we chose this as our location. The field trip was also part of a short instructional unit we study at the beginning of each term on classroom language, school and education (goals).


Students were taught prepositions of location and simple directions in different level groups in the previous class.


We met at our regular classroom site and carpooled to the University of Oregon.


There were five groups of 5 or 6 people per group. First, university students who are volunteering or interning in the class conducted a 20minute tour of the interesting buildings and places on the campus.


Then we met in the International Resource Center in the EMU (Erb Memorial Union building) where students participated in a treasure hunt throughout the union building.


Students were first given a list of helpful prepositions, nouns, and verbs. The students did not know all of these words prior to the hunt or even after, but this was a step in them learning some very important words for negotiating their daily environment. We reviewed the words before the treasure hunt and played charades with them after the treasure hunt.


Each group was given their Clue #1 and made aware of their team color (so they didn’t pick up clues of other teams). The group leader read the clue in its entirety and then  passed the clue to another student to read the first part of clue. For example,


Team 1, Clue 1

LEAVE the International Center.

GO left until the green stairs.

GO left up the green stairs.

IN FRONT OF you is a glass box.

LOOK ON TOP OF the glass box



Each clue had several directives in it and led to the next clue.  There were six clues per group. All the clues started in the International Center and ended there.


A teacher or volunteer followed with each group to help with hard words and to make this fun activity have the best pedagogical value. The teacher or volunteer assigned that group was instructed to help with prompting questions, like “What does ‘leave’ mean?” “Is this ‘under’?” or by using gestures without translating or “giving away” answers.


After all groups, completed the task we split into two groups and played charades with the list of helpful words.


Students were sent home with homework practicing prepositions.


The next class student wrote in their journals about the field trip, what they liked about the field trip and what they still wanted to know.


The whole class is quite large and many students did not attend the field trip. So in the next class, we created groups which composed of students who went on the Field Trip and those who didn’t. Those students who went, taught 5 or more of the helpful phrases to the students who didn’t attend.




Student response:

About 25 students attended out of a class of 40+.

Students responded well to the treasure hunt activity. Many students mentioned this as their favorite part of the field trip. Also, both follow up activities: playing charades and teaching prepositions to other students seemed to reinforce the prepositions and directive that students learned. This was evident in students using these words in their journal writing.



California Objectives: None met. But the following objectives would correlate well with this field trip if the unit were more thoroughly developed.


13   Resources –Education

Interact with educational institutions including schools for children and schools or agencies with programs for adult learners.


1. *Using a map, find essential physical locations on a school campus, at a district office,



2. Interact orally with school personnel (such as a child’s teacher, one's own teacher, or a school counselor) in a conference, at an open house, on the

telephone, etc.


10. Fill out a school registration form for oneself or a child including items such as name,

address, immunizations and past educational experience.


14 Community Resources –Education Identify educational opportunities and research education/training required to achieve a personal goal.


1. Listen to a representative from a counseling office present educational options. Askquestions; take notes.


4. Research education/training providers available in the local community, such as local adultschools, community colleges, and Regional Occupational Programs (ROPs). Presentfindings of special interest to class.


5. Read, analyze, and complete school admission applications.


6. Identify a personal goal and determine appropriate steps to achieve it.


CASAS competencies:


2.2.1 Ask for, give, follow, or clarify directions 



Resources used: none

Handouts or supplementary materials: See below and attachments.


Helpful Vocabulary for Treasure Hunt

Prepositions and other vocabulary of direction and place

On (on the table, on the left) ---- onto

In--- into




Up (upstairs)

Down (downstairs

In front of


On top of



Next to






Straight forward







Go (up, down, left)











Hall (hallway)


Exit sign





Floor (1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.)


Homework for Treasure Hunt Words


In my kitchen Part I

In your kitchen, find 5 pieces of furniture and 5 objects and write them below.


5 pieces of furniture

5 objects

Example: refrigerator

Example: fork













Prepositions of Place

 Remember these.

Can you think of others????


IN               ON             UNDER               THROUGH         ABOVE


AROUND            NEXT TO           BEHIND              IN FRONT OF


ON TOP OF        …











In my kitchen, Part II



Write some sentences about where things are in your kitchen (using objects, furniture, and prepositions from your list.)

Example: Where is the fork? IN my kitchen, the fork is ON the table.



































The Clues:


Team 1

Clue 1

LEAVE the International Center.

GO left until the green stairs.

GO left up the green stairs.

IN FRONT OF you is a glass box.

LOOK ON TOP OF the glass box


Make sure it’s the right color for your team!!!


Team 1

Clue 2

GO UP the green stairs ON YOUR LEFT.

AT THE TOP OF the stairs,


WALK STRAIGHT to the women’s restroom.

TURN RIGHT INTO the women’s restroom (Women only!!).

IN the women’s restroom,

LOOK to your LEFT for a table with a mirror ABOVE it.

LOOK UNDER the table on the LEFT.


Team 1

Clue 3

LEAVE the women’s restroom.


GO RIGHT AT the hallway.

STAY on the blue carpet.

GO DOWN the hallway.

TAKE the elevator DOWN to level M.

LEAVE the elevator.

LOOK UP AT  the exit sign.

Look NEXT TO the exit sign, ON the RIGHT.









Team 1

Clue 4


WALK straight ACROSS the balcony (or patio).

GO TO the doors.


WALK straight FORWARD until the 2 green boxes.

Look IN the green box ON the right, marked “Newspaper.”

Look UNDER the lid.


Team 1

Clue 5

WALK right.

PASS stairs.

Walk PAST “Tickets and Events” Office.

GO right down the glass hallway.

AT the 1st column, STOP.

NEXT TO the column is a small tree with red leaves.

Look IN the tree


Team 1

Clue 6

Walk TOWARDS “Subway,” DOWN the glass hallway.

Go THROUGH doorway ON the RIGHT.

TURN right.

PASS the green stairs.

GO right INTO the International Center.

TURN left immediately.

Look IN BOTTOM pocket of the grey magazine rack.












Team 2

Clue 1

In the back of the International Center, there are 3 tall bookshelves

with travel books.

GO to the middle shelf.

Look UP.

ABOVE the shelf are 3 baskets.

Look IN the 2nd basket.


Team 2

Clue 2

Turn around.

Leave International Center.


GO down the hall..

Go THROUGH the doors.

GO right

and STRAIGHT THROUGH another door.


Enter elevator.

Go UP to the 3rd floor.

Leave elevator

Look IN FRONT OF you.

Clue #3 is NEXT TO the window.


Team 2

Clue 3


Take elevator DOWN to level 1.

Turn right INTO the Post Office.

TURN right AT the corner (Don’t go outside!)

Walk to the green table.

Look UNDER the table.








Team 2

Clue 4

Go out of the door (to outside).

Go left PAST bikes and bike racks.

Turn left AT the corner.

Pass tree.

Go THROUGH doors, inside.

Turn right.

DON’T go THROUGH doors yet.

Look NEXT TO green box on the right.


Team 2

Clue 5

Go through doors NEXT TO the green box.

Don’t go back outside.

Go DOWN the glass hallway.

Turn left into the International Center.

Go to the T.V.

Look ABOVE the T.V.


Team 2

Clue 6

Turn around.

On your RIGHT is a file cabinet with 2 drawers.

Look in TOP drawer.
















Team 3

Clue 1

Leave International Center.

GO left.

Walk STRAIGHT UNDER the big United States FLAG.

Walk STRAIGHT past tables and “Subway.”

Look AT the wall ON THE LEFT.

GO to the clock.

Look UNDER the clock ON the wall for a clear plastic BOX.

Look IN the box, BEHIND the papers.


Team 3

Clue 2

Turn to the RIGHT.

Go straight TOWARDS the panda bears ON the wall.

BEFORE the panda bears, TURN LEFT

and GO OUT of the doors

OUT ONTO the patio.

WALK TO the water (the pond.)

PASS the water.

There are 3 benches on the LEFT.

SIT ON the 2nd bench.

Look UNDER the 2nd bench.


Team 3

Clue 3

GO straight FORWARDS from the bench.

Go through doors, inside, into the hallway.

TURN right.

Go down the hallway.

Go THROUGH the lunchroom.

PASS the water fountains.

Go through the doors to the stairs.

DON’T go down the stairs.

Look IN FRONT OF you.

Look NEXT TO the sculpture.





Team 3

Clue 4

Go DOWN the stairs to your right.

Don’t go outside.

GO RIGHT and down the stairs AGAIN.

IN FRONT OF you are many small white shelves.

Look IN the BOTTOM LEFT shelf.


Team 3

Clue 5

Go right. Don’t go back upstairs.

Go down the LONG hallway.

Go TO the END.

IN the hall, GO TO the blue lockers ON THE LEFT.

Look ON TOP OF blue locker #136.


Team 3

Clue 6

Go UP the stairs to your RIGHT.

Go left AT THE TOP OF the stairs.

Go right TOWARDS the doors.

Pass doors. Don’t go outside.

Pass stairs. Don’t go upstairs or downstairs.

Go right INTO the International Center.

















Team 4

Clue 1

Leave the International Center.

Turn left.

Go towards the blue flag.

Turn right BEFORE the flags.

Go Right INTO the big room WITH many tables and chairs.

Go straight FORWARD.

Look FOR microwave ON RIGHT.

NEXT TO the microwave, ON LEFT of the microwave,

Look for Clue #2


Team 4

Clue 2

Turn around.

Walk back TOWARDS the flags.

Go PAST the flags. Don’t go UNDER the flags.

Go straight.

Turn right AT the green boxes.

Look BEHIND the green boxes.


Team 4

Clue 3

Go straight IN FRONT OF you (towards the River Rooms.)

Go down the long hall.

Go THROUGH a doorway.


NEXT TO the trash, is a highchair (a chair for kids.)

Look IN the high chair.












Team 4

Clue 4

Go TO THE LEFT OF the kid’s chair.


PASS the water fountains.

Go THROUGH the doors.

FIND the telephone ON THE RIGHT.

Look UNDER the phone.


Team 4

Clue 5


GO BACK through the doors (Don’t go DOWNSTAIRS.)

Go down the hallway.

Go through the door on the LEFT onto the OUTDOOR PATIO.

FIND the bench NEAR the water and

 IN FRONT OF the sign “Please Do Not Feed the Fish.”

Look UNDER the bench.


Team 4

Clue 6

Go left through the doors TOWARDS “Subway.”

Go right AT “Subway.”

Go down the hall and UNDER the painting of Martin Luther King.

Don’t go OUTSIDE.


Go right into the International Center.

Walk to the map.

Look DOWN and RIGHT.












Team 5

Clue 1

Leave the International Center.


Go THROUGH the doors.

Go Right.

Go PAST the phone card machine.

Go THROUGH the door.

Immediately ON YOUR RIGHT,

LOOK OUT the window.

Clue #2 is IN FRONT OF the 1st window.