AMY REID                                                                    

Lane Community College

Combined Skills Level 5 (High Intermediate)



#28 Healthcare and Nutrition 

(1) Identify a healthy diet as recommended by USDA

(2) Identify the relationship between nutrition and good health



Sandi Thompson, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Tamarack Wellness Center, Eugene, OR

Food Pyramid Gets New Look, The Washington Post, April 20, 2005

Teacher made materials



1.3.7 Interpret information or directions to locate merchandise

1.3.8 Identify common food items

3.5.2 Select a balanced diet

4.8.1 Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively with others as a member of a team



Students reviewed the U.S. food pyramid before they listened to Sandi Thompson. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who came to speak to the levels 5 and 6 classes. Sandi presented different topics such as an alternative pyramid for the students to consider. It showed the Latin American Diet, which she feels is healthier than the recommendations made by the USDA. She also pointed out foods that originally came from Latin America and now are an important part of what the world eats. Lastly, she left the students with a Better Foods Shopping Guide. The list included organic foods, which students were interested in learning more about. To answer their questions, I arranged for a class outing to a local health food store, The Kiva.


Students went in three groups to The Kiva, which is a block away from LCC. Each group had a different topic to research. Group #1 looked for general store information. Group #2 asked about bulk food section in the store and Group #3 asked questions related to organic foods.


When the students all returned from their visit, I had them form a group with other students so that they could share what they learned. The students had a positive experience with this activity. They seem to appreciate the opportunity to visit the store, talk with an employee there and have some of their questions answered.





Proudly serving Downtown Eugene since 1970


The Kiva Grocery is a locally owned health food store that has been in business since 1970. This is a delightful grocery store that has an interesting collection of natural foods. They have quality organic produce as well as packaged natural products. They also carry a full line of natural beauty and health supplies. This store is conveniently located in downtown Eugene near the downtown bus station and library.


General Store Questions


1. When does The Kiva open on Sunday?



2. When does it close on Tuesday?



3. How many people work at The Kiva?



4. Ask an employee, “Why do you like to work at The Kiva?”



Bulk Foods[2]

Here are a few good reasons to buy bulk food. You can save money and the environment because there is no extra packaging. You can buy as much or as little as you want, so the bulk bins are a great way to experiment with new foods or recipes. Most health food stores include basic recipes on the bulk bin, so don’t forget to bring a pen and paper to copy them down.


1. Name five foods that you can find in the bulk section that you like to eat.



2 a. Pick one bulk item and read the label. What is the four-digit number for that bin? b. Why do you need to know the four-digit number?



3 a. Is the food in a bin fresh? b. How often does the store refill the bin?



4. Is it okay to taste items such as nuts or pretzels?



Organic Foods[3]

Buying organic food is a good idea--for both your own health and the environment--but it's more important with some produce than with others. Strawberries, for example, tend to soak up toxins from pesticides, while grapefruit is protected by its thick skin.


1. Where does the produce in the store come from?



2. Why does The Kiva only sell organic produce?



3.  Why is organic food more expensive than other food?



After Your Visit


1. What did you notice about The Kiva? How is it different or similar to the grocery store you like to go to?








2. How did you feel about going to The Kiva and talking to an employee to have your questions answered?






3. What did you learn today?