From:  Robinson, Evalyn




Subject:  Crossroads Café “Opening Day” Episode 1


Rogue Community College

Evalyn Robinson

Week of April 18-20 2005


1.        Instructional Setting:  The students, ages 23 to 53, are from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.


2.        Instructional Strategies:


The class read the restaurant employment ads in Sunday’s “Mail Tribune”. We discussed the abbreviations contained in the ads.  Each student read aloud an ad from the “Help Wanted” or “Employment Wanted” section.   


We read the story “Opening Day”, Unit 1 on page 45, in the Partner Guide.  The students read it silently as I read it aloud. We viewed the video.  Each student then read a paragraph aloud to the rest of the class.  We discussed the events of the story. 


Each student filled out a generic job application form.  The abbreviations, terms, and questions on the form were discussed as well as appropriate answers. 


Then the class interviewed each other using the form on page 116 of English ­­Extra by Grace Page Tanaka and Kay Ferrell.  Each student asked every other student in the class their current job.  Then each student told of their “Dream Job”, their ideal job.  The answers were interesting and varied, from fantasy jobs such as FBI man and doctor, to more attainable employment such as truck driver and self-employed seamstress. A few students (who are hotel maids and laundry workers) would simply prefer better hours and more pay.   


   3. The materials worked well together and seemed to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.