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Here's a funny and practical website for those of you who have access to technology and are addressing health-related objectives.

Why Don't We Do It In Our Sleeves? by

The homepage for requests viewers to reduce their server load by viewing the video on Google Video:


Enjoy, Amy Widger MHCC


If anyone is doing a unit on health, food, nutrition, etc, check out this humorous resource:

Click on "Listen in". There are many "classic" songs with new lyrics related to food safety that you can both listen to and download lyrics to. Examples include "You'd Better Wash Your Hands" (Beatles) and "USDA" (Village People). They were written by a microbiology professor. Enjoy!


Heather Young

English as a Second Language Program

Lane Community College



Health Listening Links

ESL podcasts.


Describing symptoms


Vocabulary: low low level


What to do while waiting for the doctor?

Lil John at the doctor’s funny

Doctor’s visit : listening

Indira Bakshi

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