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Make a complete sentence


Every English sentence must have a subject and a verb. The subject is first and the verb comes next.


These sentences are missing a subject or a verb. Make these phrases into a complete sentence. Then underline the subject and circle the verb.



1.    _______________________________________   adds to the problem of global warming.



2.    The oceans around the world ____________________________________________.



3.    ____________________________ reflects the heat from the sun, which cools the earth.



4.    _____________________absorbs the heat from the sun, which makes the earth warmer.



5.    The overall temperature on the planet _______________________________________.



6.    _______________________________________________  are melting.



7.    Hurricane Katrina ________________________________________________________ .



8.    Long lasting fluorescent light bulbs ___________________________________________.



9.    ________________________________________________ will disappear in our lifetime.



10. To slow global warming, we must ____________________________________________.




Write 2 sentences about global warming.



11. ______________________________________________________________________



12. _______________________________________________________________________