Oregon Heritage Forests: Reading Comprehension


Section 1: Oregon BLM History


  1. In how many states is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in charge of large amounts of public forest land?___________________________


  1. When did the U.S. government give land to a railroad company so that they could build a railway between Oregon and California?___________


  1. Who was the land (every other square mile along the railroad track) supposed to be sold to?____________________________________


  1. Who did the railroad company actually sell the land to?



  1. What happened to the forests?______________________________


  1. What did the U.S. government do when they discovered the truth?



  1. Who began to manage the land?_______________________________


Section 2: The BLM Today


  1. How many acres of forest land does the BLM manage in Western Oregon?________________________________________________


  1. Has the BLM always protected the ancient forests?________________


  1. What is the name of the plan now in place to manage the forests?



  1. What four things does the plan want BLM forests to continue to provide?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. How many acres of remaining ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest are on BLM land?__________________________________________

Section 3: Sweetheart Deal


  1. In what year was a new agreement made between the Bush administration and the timber industry?____________________________________


  1. What could the process of the agreement do?____________________________________________________


  1. What effect could these proposed changes have?



  1. Who and what are the ancient forests critical (very important) to?



Section 4: What You Can Do & Back cover with river/log pictures


  1. What can people do to protect the ancient BLM forest?________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. What is the address of the Bureau of Land Management State office?



  1. What is the address of a website where you can find more information?



  1. What is the name of one 1937 law that affects Oregon BLM forest management?_____________________________________________