Use the words to complete the sentences below:


Acid Rain               Endangered Species                     Climate            Energy             Wildlife                        Solar Energy             Nuclear Energy

Exhaust Fumes            Extinct                         Global Warming



  1. ______________________________ is a natural energy that can power our homes and heat our water.


  1. ______________________________ is an unnatural source of energy and can be very dangerous is an accident happens.


  1. ______________________________ contribute to global warming because they pollute the air.


  1. If we do not protect the ______________________________, they will become ______________________________.


  1. ______________________________ is one result of pollution.  The water contains small amounts of chemicals and pollution.


  1. Panda bears and bald eagles are two examples of __________________________

______________________.  There are not many left in the wild.


  1. Reducing the amount of ______________________________ we use is one way to save our natural resources.


  1. ______________________________ contributes to our ____________________ getting warmer.